Cor Caroli 2014

The charity exhibition "Looking at the sea"

Тhe young and creative painter Nikolinka Dimitrova participated for the first time in a charity event with her aquarelle exhibition "Looking at the sea" during the Cor Caroli-Bavaria yachts annual regatta in Varna. The funds raised from the exhibition of the talented artist were donated to the children's school at the yacht club "Cap. Georgi Georgiev - Port Varna".

Regatta Cor Caroli-Bavaria yachts
Градското списание



Just before the closing ceremony during which the Cor Caroli Prizes were given to the winners, Mr. Komitski announced that an amount of 1,430 BGN was collected during this charity initiative in the regatta. The company SOGELEASE doubled this amount raised for the children from the nursery school "Captain G. Georgiev - Port Varna". The organizers of the regatta were the ones to buy the last 4 unsold aquarelle paintings. This increased the final amount to support “young sailers “collected with the help of the painting bazaar of Nikolinka Dimitrova to 3,060 BGN.



Funcity 2013

Exhibition "Tales and Fantasies" - a selected collection of digital illustrations

The first solo exhibition of Nikolinka Dimitrova is called "Tales and Fantasies". It was organized with the support of the festival "FUNCITY 2013". The event took place on 3.07.2013 in the hall of the Astronomical Observatory "Nicolaus Copernicus" - Varna.